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We offer phone readings in blocks of time. To order a phone reading, simply go to your selected reader’s page by clicking on either Saket or Nigel at the top of the page, or contact us through the numbers.

Online psychic readings are available through our private chat room.

I am an Ordained Minister,  Certified Usui Reiki master, and Harmonic Sound Energy Worker. My work and insight often centers around spiritual issues surrounding my clients, as these are often the cornerstone of the blocks my clients find themselves facing and trying to overcome.  I assist my clients with achieving balance in life, and within their physical and nonphysical or spiritual selves.
I also have educational backgrounds in music, martial arts and yoga, and utilize these modalities in my practice as well. I have developed a practice which utilizes energy, sound, vibration, and music. With my background, tools, and gifts, I am able to identify and clear blocks, harmonically align or ‘tune’ clients, clear chakras, and open physical and emotional centers. Thus, the client is guided back towards their natural state of being or ‘wholeness.’


The mind does not originate thought; the mind mimics. It mimics, repeats, relates. To clear one’s mind, one needs to chant, meditate, and sit as a bystander and watch the mind and the ego wander. The ego loves to be watched. The mind as a mimic will soon follow ego, the ego will sit, and watch itself being watched. The mind will follow. Soon, the two will be quiet and all will be one.


Email psychic readings | PsychHub are available as well.

How To Choose A Phone System

Multi-Line Cordless Phone Systems

Multi-line cordless phones are perfect for large or small offices or home offices. Cordless phones increase productivity by helping you stay connected without being tied down to a desk.

Multi-line cordless phones allow the users to move freely about as they talk while having the benefit of accessing multiple lines all through one phone system. Here are some of the highlights of how getting a multi-line cordless phone is the best choice you could make for your phone equipment:

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Which Phone System Is Right For You?

Having multiple lines allows you to easily segment and prioritize your calls. A lot of professionals and business owners with home offices would have two lines going into the phone – one for home matters and one for business matters. That way, it is easy to separate out and filter through on which calls to pick up or which voice mails to respond to at different times of the day. For home office professionals, it also immediate to boost their business image. Using your home phone line for business purpose can sometimes lead portray an image of a less serious business if the phone is answered in a non-business manner, let’s say by a spouse who may have forgotten that customers could be calling. It’s also great for accounting purposes, if a phone is dedicated to one business venture, then you can easily associate expenses on that line to the specific business. There is no hassle of having to breakout and allocate costs which can be a big headache.

Choose Your Business Phone Wisely

Another great advantage of a multi-line cordless phone is that it allows you to hold the phone and move around while talking. You are not tied down to your desk or office. In today’s hectic world, sometimes, we need to multi-task. For example, if you are on hold waiting to clarify a purchase order with a vendor when UPS calls, you can to move to the front door of the office to pick up a package while still attending to the call. This is just a simple real-life example of how a cordless system could be useful. You will have your own specific scenarios. The cordless element just allows for a much greater deal of flexibility. Considering that we are tied to a phone system for 2 to 5 years on average, making the decision now of opting for cordless, and even if you only need it once a week or a month, is well worth it.

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Beyond a basic multi-line cordless phone system, before making a purchase, it may be wise to look at the cordless options available. You may want a handset that has a headphone jack so that you can talk handsfree even as you are moving around. A speakerphone with the cordless handset is another nice feature. The newer models of cordless phones also feature Bluetooth connectivity. These are great for attaching Bluetooth headsets instead of the older wired ones. Bluetooth connectivity cell phones could be linked up to the system so that you can use the cell phone as a dialer and handset as well. The added advantage is that you can easily use the phone book from your cell phone to make calls.

Multi-Line cordless phone with expandable cordless handsets are another feature to consider. This is a feature that used to be available with more expensive phone systems. But now, with DECT technology, you can wirelessly put a phone handset in every room or office. All handsets have a base and are connected to your single line, 2 line or 4 line systems to receive and make calls, as well as serve as an intercom with any other handset in the system. When the phone rings, either you or an employee can easily pick up and talk. You can remotely check voice mail or caller ID information. That makes for efficiency and convenience.

A multi-line cordless phone can also be used with virtual PBX phone systems. These days, Virtual PBX phone companies make it very easy to install their programming with multiple phone lines and route the calls to the multi-line cordless phone for a complete phone system. Once set-up, customers calling into the system will be greeted by a professional sounding voice and given a variety of menu options so that their call can be routed to the right path or to speak with a live person.

Why Plumbing Gastonia Matters?

For centuries, Gastonia Plumbers have been performing a vital role in society, working to protect the health and prosperity of mankind by ensuring the safe and efficient supply and disposal of water.

The term “plumber” derives from the Latin “plumbarius”, meaning “lead worker”. Romans worked lead into early examples of pipes, baths and storage cisterns. It was not until the industrial revolution of the late 18th century that plumbing emerged as an important tool in the fight against disease, as rapid urbanization led to sharp increases in deaths caused by water-borne epidemics.

Rapid advances in plumbing technology have enabled today’s plumbers to meet the needs of the modern world, with its ever-expanding population and growing health and lifestyle expectations. The work of plumbers and plumbing designers now extends beyond water supply and sanitation to encompass the supply of gas, as well as air conditioning and refrigeration.

In the 21st century, the World Plumbing Council defines plumbing as “work associated with the provision of water supply pipework including, without limitation, that used for fire-fighting; all forms of space heating; gas installations; sanitary appliances; discharge pipework and drainage; the weathering of structures and buildings.”

Plumbing professionals are essentially involved in the application of hydraulic engineering principles to convey fluids to and from fixtures within a building or vehicle.

A Fiberglass Pool – Important Facts to Consider

Before you buy any sort of pool, make certain to comprehend both the points of interest and detriments of such a pool. In past articles here I have discussed why you would need to buy a fiberglass pool. In this article, I might want to display the opposite side of the contention – why you might not have any desire to buy fiberglass pools, and the issues that you have to consider before you settle on this choice.

Fiberglass swimming pools conceivably have the accompanying issues that you should consider before establishment:

1) They don’t have indistinguishable customization choices from different pools, (for example, gunite or shotcrete pools)

2) The forthright expense of the pool is typically more

3) There are issues with discharging the pool totally

In the first place, how about we take a gander at the customization issues. Since pools produced using fiberglass are fabricated at the processing plant at that point conveyed to your entryway you will most likely be unable to have any kind of molded pool that you would need. Clearly this isn’t an issue in the event that you are searching for a progressively institutionalized pool (square, round, and so on.) shape, yet in the event that you need something that resembles a desert garden and fills the extremely one of a kind state of your yard, at that point you are presumably stuck between a rock and a hard place except if you can discover a maker who will manufacture you a totally custom activity.

Second, the expenses of Harvest Pools Fiberglass pools is commonly in excess of a solid sort pool. Truly, this might be irrational given the way that it requires such a great deal less investment to introduce this kind of pool, yet that is the situation. In any case, in light of the fact that the forthright expenses are more does not imply that over the life of the pool it won’t be less expensive – fiberglass pools do enable you to get a good deal on fix and substance costs.


Student Accommodation for Winchester Uni

UniLife offers a wide variety of rooms across the city of Winchester. We have properties close to all major Winchester universities and colleges. You can share with your mates or live independently.

Remember, if you are currently living with UniLife you still have the opportunity to re-book with us for the forthcoming academic year 2019/20. To avoid disappointment, book early for the best choice of rooms

Visit our main site at www.UniLife.com for full details of all our Student Accommodation for Winchester Uni and to arrange a viewing or to book a room.

Student Accommodation in Winchester
This page details the student housing that UniLife have in Winchester. We offer student accommodation in cities across the UK and have a wide range of studio apartments and ensuite rooms where you can live on your own or share with other students.

About UniLife – Nationwide Student Accommodation
UniLife has a wide range of student accommodation available across UK including luxury student accommodation in Reading, Bristol and Bath as well as properties in other major UK cities.

For more information about UniLife’s network of premium student flats, student homes and student hotels or to book an appointment,

Best septic cleaning you need to hire

It’s not hard to imagine why a septic tank needs cleaning. Cleaning it regularly prevents clogging, and you certainly don’t want a toilet or a bathtub backing up with septic tank ingredients! Furthermore, the law requires they get pumped at a rate which depends on the jurisdiction the tank falls under and the size of the tank. This is how you go about the cleaning process.

The biggest aspect of cleaning the septic tank is pumping. This is a crucial step which gets the sludge and debris out of the system. Again, the requirements for pumping frequency depend on where you live, so call your local regulator for accurate information. The average time is anywhere from three to five years.

Our Septic Cleaning provides these detailed services

  • Cleaning Septic Systems
  • Septic Tank Problems
  • Septic Tank Cleaners
  • Septic Line Cleaning
  • Septic Tank Services
  • Septic System Services
  • Septic Pump Cleaning
  • Sewer Tank Cleaning

Our septic system solutions are specifically tailored for your project. Our professional installers are well versed and knowledgable in all areas of safety and installation procedures. We are equipped with the latest septic products and equipment to handle any project size.