Can You Make Money With Dropshipping?

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So you’ve been searching how to make money online and have stumbled upon dropshipping.

You’ve probably seen people on YouTube talking about Shopify and now you want to get into it.

Today, I’ll be revealing if you can really make money dropshipping.

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is when you have no inventory and instead, the items are at another location. When someone purchases from your online store, you will then for-fill the order.

This way there’s no need to hold any inventory or even buy it in bulk.

This is great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Instead, you can spend that money on marketing. Do some Facebook and Google ads to really get the ball rolling.

Dropshipping is a legitement way to make money and when you do make a certain amount of money, you will need to sign it up as a real business.

How does the process go?


First, you will need to setup the website and make sure it’s filled with products.

Make sure the products have good looking images and there’s a good copy.

If you want to get more in-depth, you can create a funnel.

Next, you will need to run ads. This can get complicated so make sure you watch some video tutorials on how to do it.

You will need to tweak your ads and make sure they’re functioning for optimal performance.

Once you make sales, you will need to fulfil them.

As time goes on and you scale your business, you should consider outsourcing.

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