How To Choose A Phone System

Multi-Line Cordless Phone Systems

Multi-line cordless phones are perfect for large or small offices or home offices. Cordless phones increase productivity by helping you stay connected without being tied down to a desk.

Multi-line cordless phones allow the users to move freely about as they talk while having the benefit of accessing multiple lines all through one phone system. Here are some of the highlights of how getting a multi-line cordless phone is the best choice you could make for your phone equipment:

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Which Phone System Is Right For You?

Having multiple lines allows you to easily segment and prioritize your calls. A lot of professionals and business owners with home offices would have two lines going into the phone – one for home matters and one for business matters. That way, it is easy to separate out and filter through on which calls to pick up or which voice mails to respond to at different times of the day. For home office professionals, it also immediate to boost their business image. Using your home phone line for business purpose can sometimes lead portray an image of a less serious business if the phone is answered in a non-business manner, let’s say by a spouse who may have forgotten that customers could be calling. It’s also great for accounting purposes, if a phone is dedicated to one business venture, then you can easily associate expenses on that line to the specific business. There is no hassle of having to breakout and allocate costs which can be a big headache.

Choose Your Business Phone Wisely

Another great advantage of a multi-line cordless phone is that it allows you to hold the phone and move around while talking. You are not tied down to your desk or office. In today’s hectic world, sometimes, we need to multi-task. For example, if you are on hold waiting to clarify a purchase order with a vendor when UPS calls, you can to move to the front door of the office to pick up a package while still attending to the call. This is just a simple real-life example of how a cordless system could be useful. You will have your own specific scenarios. The cordless element just allows for a much greater deal of flexibility. Considering that we are tied to a phone system for 2 to 5 years on average, making the decision now of opting for cordless, and even if you only need it once a week or a month, is well worth it.

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Beyond a basic multi-line cordless phone system, before making a purchase, it may be wise to look at the cordless options available. You may want a handset that has a headphone jack so that you can talk handsfree even as you are moving around. A speakerphone with the cordless handset is another nice feature. The newer models of cordless phones also feature Bluetooth connectivity. These are great for attaching Bluetooth headsets instead of the older wired ones. Bluetooth connectivity cell phones could be linked up to the system so that you can use the cell phone as a dialer and handset as well. The added advantage is that you can easily use the phone book from your cell phone to make calls.

Multi-Line cordless phone with expandable cordless handsets are another feature to consider. This is a feature that used to be available with more expensive phone systems. But now, with DECT technology, you can wirelessly put a phone handset in every room or office. All handsets have a base and are connected to your single line, 2 line or 4 line systems to receive and make calls, as well as serve as an intercom with any other handset in the system. When the phone rings, either you or an employee can easily pick up and talk. You can remotely check voice mail or caller ID information. That makes for efficiency and convenience.

A multi-line cordless phone can also be used with virtual PBX phone systems. These days, Virtual PBX phone companies make it very easy to install their programming with multiple phone lines and route the calls to the multi-line cordless phone for a complete phone system. Once set-up, customers calling into the system will be greeted by a professional sounding voice and given a variety of menu options so that their call can be routed to the right path or to speak with a live person.

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