Do you need a Float Tank?

Superior Designs

We worked with top engineers at Old Dominion University and DLBA to create a seamless float pod. No seams or caulk means no mold or mildew which will keep your business and your customers healthy.

engine cell diagram

Quality Components

We recognized that other float pods had inherent and potentially costly flaws. We have chosen the highest quality components to keep your business maintenance costs down.


Upgradable Modular Expansion

As your business grows, you may want to add higher end, luxury components to your float pods to enhance your customer experience. Our system is designed to expand in a snap.


Best Warranty & Support

We believe your pod will last you for years to come but should you need ongoing support, training or maintenance we provide world-class support for the Genesis Float Pod.

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Finding a Phone Psychic in Australia online

We are glad you’re here! We are revamping and streamlining psychic readings , so you’ll notice some changes. While we are improving the site, you will still find everything you’ve come to expect from us:

  • Accurate, honest, empowering psychic and clairvoyant readings
  • Channeled guidance from the Ascended Masters, guides, angels, and spirits passed over
  • Phone psychic readings
  • Email psychic readings
  • Online psychic readings

…and much more!

*Please note we are not currently accepting applications for new advisors.*


We offer phone readings in blocks of time. To order a phone reading, simply go to your selected reader’s page by clicking on either Saket or Nigel at the top of the page, or contact us through the numbers.

Online psychic readings are available through our private chat room.

I am an Ordained Minister,  Certified Usui Reiki master, and Harmonic Sound Energy Worker. My work and insight often centers around spiritual issues surrounding my clients, as these are often the cornerstone of the blocks my clients find themselves facing and trying to overcome.  I assist my clients with achieving balance in life, and within their physical and nonphysical or spiritual selves.
I also have educational backgrounds in music, martial arts and yoga, and utilize these modalities in my practice as well. I have developed a practice which utilizes energy, sound, vibration, and music. With my background, tools, and gifts, I am able to identify and clear blocks, harmonically align or ‘tune’ clients, clear chakras, and open physical and emotional centers. Thus, the client is guided back towards their natural state of being or ‘wholeness.’


The mind does not originate thought; the mind mimics. It mimics, repeats, relates. To clear one’s mind, one needs to chant, meditate, and sit as a bystander and watch the mind and the ego wander. The ego loves to be watched. The mind as a mimic will soon follow ego, the ego will sit, and watch itself being watched. The mind will follow. Soon, the two will be quiet and all will be one.


Email psychic readings | PsychHub are available as well.

Best Charlotte Plumbing


Have you been looking for a Charlotte Plumbing | South End Plumbing company that can service your plumbing needs? Your search for an expert, licensed, Master plumber ends here. I have 30+ years of plumbing experience, and can handle any kind of plumbing problem in Fort Worth or the surrounding areas.


Charlotte Plumbing Company specializes in copper repiping. All pipe cuts are deburred, or reamed-out, so that the water flows smoothly. The result is a system superior to most of those installed in today’s new houses.

Most re-pipes can be completed in one to three days, and I will keep you up and running overnight during the installation process. I will provide you with the best possible system at an unbeatable price.


Are leaky faucets or fixtures bothering you, or running up your water bill? Charlotte Plumbing Company can help.

Repair / Rebuild Fixtures

Plumbing Company in Charlotte will always repair or rebuild your leaky faucets or fixtures with top of the line, quality parts to ensure they operate as the orignal manufacturer intended.

Replacement of Fixtures

Often times replacement of faucets or fixtures is needed to complete a plumbing job. Charlotte Plumbing Company will apply expert knowledge to make sure you receive quality installation of that new faucet or fixture.

New Installation of Fixtures

Do you want to install a new faucet? Plumbing can design a plan and install your new fixture or faucet in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Can You Make Money With Dropshipping?

So you’ve been searching how to make money online and have stumbled upon dropshipping.

You’ve probably seen people on YouTube talking about Shopify and now you want to get into it.

Today, I’ll be revealing if you can really make money dropshipping.

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is when you have no inventory and instead, the items are at another location. When someone purchases from your online store, you will then for-fill the order.

This way there’s no need to hold any inventory or even buy it in bulk.

This is great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Instead, you can spend that money on marketing. Do some Facebook and Google ads to really get the ball rolling.

Dropshipping is a legitement way to make money and when you do make a certain amount of money, you will need to sign it up as a real business.

How does the process go?


First, you will need to setup the website and make sure it’s filled with products.

Make sure the products have good looking images and there’s a good copy.

If you want to get more in-depth, you can create a funnel.

Next, you will need to run ads. This can get complicated so make sure you watch some video tutorials on how to do it.

You will need to tweak your ads and make sure they’re functioning for optimal performance.

Once you make sales, you will need to fulfil them.

As time goes on and you scale your business, you should consider outsourcing.

Imprinted Concrete Sealer and Raising Service

The application of Smartseal imprinted concrete sealer is widely regarded as the best way to protect domestic and commercial paving installations from deterioration.

Concrete raising Frankfort Il protect’s the paving from loss of colour, weeds, algae, staining, moss, grime and general wear. Smartseal’s range of imprinted concrete sealer is available in 5 litre and 25 litre drums BUY NOW and we supply project kits for DIY customers.


We also supply a full range of imprinted concrete sealer application tools. If you are using imprinted concrete sealer for the first time you can download a easy to follow step by step guide. For FREE EXPERT ADVICE call

You can view a 2 minute video of imprinted concrete sealer being applied here.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: All Smartseal imprinted concrete sealer is a clear, UV light resistant stable material designed to penetrate the porous surface of imprinted concrete.

PURPOSE: Smartseal imprinted concrete sealer will penetrate and seal the surface of the imprinted concrete enhance the colour and provide a barrier to contaminants and surface growth.

Special Properties

Reduces Surface Wear
Ultra-violet light and weather resistant
Inhibits the growth of moss and weeds
Increases lifespan
Enhances the colour of the imprinted concrete
Facilitates the easy removal of oil and other contaminants
Easily applied
On this website you can find advice on how to cure the following problems:- loss of colour, peeling/lifting sealer, surface whiteness, crack repair